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Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

Our involvement with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and their predecessor products began in 1992. Seqola has been providing Microsoft Dynamics GP support (Great Plains) since 1994. Some common Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains support issues that clients and users refer to us for assistance include:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Security

Great Plains security settings allow users access to appropriate companies, screens, reports and functions. Particularly since GP 10 and GP 2010, GP security has been closely related to tasks and roles. This means that Great Plains security can be more precisely defined for individual users of your Dynamics GP system. It has also meant that setting up security can be a more complex task. We can advise you with regard to how to best configure GP role-based security.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Printing

In larger GP environments with multiple locations and departments, it is essential that GP reports and documents print on specified printers, both for operational and security reasons. Using the Great Plains Named Printers features, reports and documents such as picking slips and invoices are automatically printed to certain printers. This can be specified for different users and groups of users—so for example, the Northern Sales Group prints invoices to Printer 2, and the Southern Service Group prints invoices to Printer 3.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Chart of Accounts

If your Great Plains chart of accounts no longer works for your company, we can provide advice and assistance as to how you can remodel and renumber it using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) to change your account structure and account numbers to suit your needs. The solution could include:

  • Using the PSTL module and renumbering the chart of accounts to use an expanded, consistent numbering scheme using standardised segments
  • Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting module to attach sub-codes to each transaction (or to selected transactions)
  • Using Microsoft FRx or Microsoft Management Reporter to create financial reports that automatically sort, filter and summarise—based on your new, meaningful account structure
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Codes, Supplier Codes and Item Codes

Companies using GP may find they have outdated or incorrect values in their Dynamics system for:

  • Customer Number (Debtor ID)
  • Supplier Number (Creditor ID)
  • Stock Item Number (Inventory ID)

This can arise if customers or suppliers change their company name, or suppliers change their item number—or you source the item from a different supplier.

The Dynamics GP PSTL module allows you to renumber your customers, suppliers and inventory items to better reflect your company requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Control Accounts do not balance

As part of end-of-month and end-of-year procedures, you check that the balances in your General Ledger control accounts agree to your subsidiary ledgers or sub-ledgers. This includes your:

  • Accounts Receivable (debtors ledger)
  • Accounts Payable (creditors ledger)
  • Bank Reconciliation (cashbook)
  • Inventory system (stock ledger)
  • Tax reporting (GST/BAS)

If they don’t agree:

  • Is the discrepancy only at a certain point in time (and corrected in a later period) – ie, a timing difference? Were sales or purchasing transactions posted into one month in the subsidiary ledger—and a different month in the general ledger? Printing the Historical Aged Trial Balance report for Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, or the Historical Stock Status report for Inventory, can identify at what point in time a discrepancy occurred.
  • Check that all transactions are posted through the general ledger as well as in the subsidiary ledgers. Are there batches in Series Posting or Master Posting that are awaiting posting?
  • Using Financial Period maintenance to keep financial periods other than the current month closed helps prevent posting to incorrect periods—and consequent problems for financial and tax reporting (such as GST/BAS Reports).
  • Using the Reconcile to GL feature in GP 10 and GP 2010, potential discrepancies in your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable control accounts can be highlighted. These errors can arise where users have journalled to control accounts (entered and general journals against general ledger control accounts), or posted subsidiary ledger transactions against incorrect control accounts. The correct setup of control accounts using Account Maintenance and Posting Setup will help prevent these issues from occurring.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Backup

GP includes a simple inbuilt database backup process. Dynamics users should schedule automatic daily (at least) backups, typically using a SQL Server maintenance plan. Your backup routine should be part of a disaster recovery plan that includes secure off-site storage of backup media.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Version and Service Packs

The current Great Plains version is GP 2010. The latest service pack (at the time of writing) is R2 (Release 2).

For Microsoft Great Plains support assistance, call us on 1800 640 290 or email