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Microsoft FRx and Financial Reporting

Microsoft FRx is a Financial Reporting software solution owned by Microsoft. FRx reports are generated on financial data such as General Ledger balances and transactions. FRx is a specialised financial reporting solution, not a general purpose reporting package like Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

A general purpose reporting package reports on balances and transactions in general in a company’s financial accounting software (its ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system). As well, Crystal Reports and SSRS can report on transactions, balances or records from any compatible database—Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and many more. Crystal Reports and SSRS are not limited to accounting or ERP systems. As well as related areas like sales, inventory, and CRM systems, Crystal Reports and SSRS are widely used with other applications like research and scientific, statistical, telecommunications and IT databases.

Microsoft Excel is also used as a reporting solution, especially in conjunction with PivotTables and PowerPivots.

Financial Reporting Packages

Dedicated Financial Reporting software solutions like Microsoft FRx and Microsoft Management Reporter provide significant benefits that may not be available from a general-purpose package.

Many companies use Crystal Reports for their financial reporting. However, financial reporting concepts are embedded in FRx (and its successor, Microsoft Management Reporter)—concepts like debits and credits, balance sheet vs profit and loss items, budgets, accounting periods, open and closed years, month-to-date and year-to-date, consolidated reporting, etc. Also, Microsoft FRx and Management Reporter are supplied with templates, so you don’t have to create your reports from an empty page.

Microsoft FRx (and Management Reporter) are used with all the Microsoft ERP systems—GP (Great Plains), AX (Axapta), NAV (Navision), and SL (Solomon). FRx is also in widespread use with other ERP and accounting systems like Epicor and Sage.

The Future of FRx

Microsoft FRx in the past was supplied either as an optional component or as a standard feature with most of the Microsoft ERP packages, and has been particularly widely used with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Microsoft continues to support FRx on 32-bit operating systems (like Windows XP 32-bit, or Windows Vista 32-bit). However, with the increasing adoption of 64-bit operating systems (like Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 64-bit), Microsoft re-developed its Financial Reporting solution to be 64-bit-compatible, and released this new-generation solution as Microsoft Management Reporter.

Microsoft FRx can continue as your Financial Reporting solution—if it continues to suit your needs and IT environment. However, you need to allow in your corporate IT Plan for transitioning to a future-compatible financial reporting tool such as Management Reporter. We can advise you in more detail regarding a suitable upgrade and transition strategy—and where this and financial reporting fit in your IT Operational and Strategic Plans.

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