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Microsoft FRx Support

With an involvement with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and their predecessors since 1992, we have been providing Microsoft FRx support since 1995. The following are some of the common Microsoft FRx support issues that clients and users refer to us for assistance.

Microsoft FRx Security

Users of Microsoft FRx generally need to be database users. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), your GP user name and password should usually allow you access to FRx. If this doesn’t work or has stopped working, ask your system administrator to test FRx with the ‘sa’ user and password, or test from another PC.

Microsoft FRx uses an ODBC connection (Data Source). If neither a normal user nor the ‘sa’ user can login to FRx, test the ODBC connection outside of FRx using the ‘sa’ password.

Microsoft FRx in a 64-bit Environment

If your FRx system no longer works, and have recently upgraded your IT environment to Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7—we can provide advice and assistance as to how you can continue to use FRx, and how to upgrade to Management Reporter or alternative financial reporting solutions.

FRx Report has Discrepancies…

Test that your FRx Profit and Loss agrees with the profit figure calculated from your accounting system. A quick test in GP is to create a General Ledger Trial Balance restricted to the range of Profit and Loss account numbers—ie, excluding the balance sheet accounts. The net result of that report should equal your FRx profit for the same period. If there is a discrepancy, look first for accounts recently added to your chart of accounts (in your Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) or AX (Axapta) system, or whichever Dynamics or other ERP or accounting software package you are using)

Your FRx Balance Sheet for a new financial year (eg 2012) will generally be inaccurate until you have processed your financial end-of-year for the previous year (eg 2011). You can temporarily address this by temporarily using a calculated column to add the previous year’s closing balance to the current year’s YTD balance. Once the End-of-Year has been performed, this temporary column or calculation can be removed.

Microsoft FRx Backup

Backup the SysData folder. The SysData folder contains vital FRx data. If you can’t find the SysData folder, or have multiple SysData directories and aren’t sure which is the current version, or don’t have an FRx backup plan, contact us.

Microsoft FRx Version and Service Packs

The current FRx version is 6.7. The latest service pack (at the time of writing) is SP 12. However, this may not be required or appropriate for your Windows environment. We recommend that you ask us for further advice before upgrading.

For Microsoft FRx support assistance, call us on 1800 640 290 or email