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Efficient flow of documents through an organisation is essential to your business operations. Misrouted, misplaced or lost documents can cause a number of problems-especially with customers.

PaperSavePro™ offers a seamlessly integrated electronic workflow, document imaging and documents retrieval inside Dynamics GP® so that documents can be electronically managed from receipt until they are processed. Documents are stored electronically for instant retrieval replacing the cost associated with traditional paper filing system.

PaperSavePro allows you to gain efficiency overnight by processing more transactions in less time. It is less expensive than traditional document management solutions allowing you to realise a quick return on your investment.

PaperSave for Dynamics is a unique module designed to automate the process of imaging and storing source documents. PaperSave helps make the switch to a paperless office easy and affordable. In view of today's strict accountability standards, managing a paperless office is widely regarded as a necessity, rather than a luxury, for all successful companies and organisations. Paper documentation is extremely costly, wasting expensive staff time on filing, copying and searching for documents.

Protect yourself and your organisation before it's too late. If disaster strikes, a paper-based company's most critical information is left totally vulnerable to complete loss.

PaperSave provides a complete and secure electronic storage system and audit trail for all your source documents, completely eliminating the inherent inefficiencies and risk of loss associated with traditional paper filing systems. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics (GP, SL, CRM,) providing high-level security for each transaction, cheque, or record. Best of all, it is easy to install and staff can be trained in a matter of hours.

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