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Software Support Services

Just as important as a new system implementation or upgrade is the support you receive after the installation. Seqola provides software support for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), GP (Great Plains) and CRM-integration solutions and related technologies to users at all levels of your organisation. We provide support via our phone help-desk, by email to, by remote internet screen-sharing, and by on-site support from certified consultants. As well as on-site support, remote screen-sharing assistance can allow you to learn about new features, improvements to regular processes and resolving problems. Amongst the many things that we help clients with on-site or remotely are:

  • Problem-solving and application error messages
  • Assistance with report-writing, using Jet Reports, Crystal Reports, FRx, and other applications
  • Integration with external systems—such as with customers and suppliers via EDI or customised applications
  • Internal integration with payroll, membership, service, billing or fixed asset systems
  • Post-Go Live support—after new implementations or upgrades—providing a helping hand while you get familiar with your new system
  • Emergency assistance with technical issues such as server shutdowns or hardware replacements that affect your ability to run your business and service your customers


We offer training for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), GP (Great Plains) and CRM integration so that your organisation can make optimal use of your system and maximise the return on your investment in Dynamics. We emphasise learning as much as teaching—by helping organisations and people define what they do and why they do it—and the best way to achieve it. Our training programs aim higher and do more than just educating users—they also increase user adoption and usage. Seqola’s training approach goes beyond presenting courseware from a manual—it extends to applying real-world practical experience and examples to the needs of your organisation. Seqola provides individual and group training in all areas of Dynamics, including the following modules:

  • Financial
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Report writing and Business Intelligence
  • Integration with other systems


Seqola provides services that support your Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) and Dynamics GP (Great Plains) ERP implementation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, and related needs. This includes Requirements Definition, Design, Customisation and Configuration, Migration, Deployment, and Go-Live, as well as related elements like training and support. Our implementations use Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology—a major part of our commitment to quality and to our clients. The standardised, repeatable approach of Sure Step provides proven benefits—delivering quality, user engagement and commitment, and the knowledge transfer crucial to user adoption—and ultimately ensuring that the project objectives are achieved.


Our upgrade process mirrors our implementation approach, using the Microsoft Sure Step methodology to ensure that upgrade objectives are defined, agreed and delivered with the commitment and engagement of users and management. Seqola’s upgrade process is designed to reflect your budget and your risk tolerance. It includes gathering information about your existing systems including those from third-party providers that integrate with your ERP software, the processes that your staff perform, and how users interact with your Dynamics ERP system.


Seqola develops and supports the integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) and Dynamics GP (Great Plains) ERP with other systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, EDI and other customer or supplier systems, and document imaging and electronic document management systems like PaperSave—using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, the tool sets available from within Dynamics AX and GP and customised applications.

IT Strategy, Planning and Business Continuity

An IT strategy is a key part of your overall business strategy. Businesses need to ensure the alignment of their IT strategy with their business strategy—including questions like where the business anticipates and plans to be in three years, and whether its IT strategy supports and contributes to those plans.

Is your business prepared for the future? None of us can guarantee the future with certainty, but we can anticipate and prepare for the likelihood of future events. Well-publicised events highlight how vulnerable a business can be in the event of damaging incidents like a natural disaster (a building containing the servers and the backup servers being flooded), theft (laptops containing sensitive information being stolen), or malicious damage (servers containing irreplaceable data being erased). A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is one part of your IT strategy. Another is taking prudent steps towards disaster prevention. This includes data and system security, reasonable-use policies for employees, and periodic audits of IT practices and policies, as well as more top-of-mind measures like virus protection and software updates.

Seqola can assist with all aspects of your IT strategy—including developing a strategic plan and ensuring its implementation.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process by which data is turned into meaningful, useful information to enable you to make better, quicker decisions.

Business Intelligence can include KPI’s, metrics and alerts built in to Dynamics GP and AX, and report-based solutions like Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for general purpose reports and Microsoft FRx and Management Reporter for financial reports and consolidations.

Larger companies with more complex needs—analysing multiple locations and multiple divisions, or high transaction volumes between different points-in-time—can realise the benefits from dedicated BI solutions like Microsoft Analysis Cubes using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouses.

Seqola can assist by helping define your goals for Business Intelligence, your organisation’s internal capabilities and resources for achieving these aims, and the appropriate applications and architecture to achieve your objectives.

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